Mar. 12th, 2011

So, I can't believe I'm saying this, but two guys from my poetics class performed a piece of a Harry/Draco fanfic I wrote tonight. Yes. Oh yes.

I didn't see half of it because I was too busy hyperventilating and laughing from embarrassment (and amusement). It was just insane. One of those moments that you just never imagine will ever happen to you as an H/D fangirl, hahah oh man.

Basically I rewrote/added to an old angsty fic-- changed the names, details, etc, changed the plot arc somewhat and stuff. I just thought it fit the theme (write about 'the body'). I didn't really intend to tell anyone except asking my professor for permission. Then (since it was to be a group project), I assumed we'd all do our own thing, and maybe they'd give me feedback. In the end, I was with two guys who weren't really doing anything for their own project, so mine was all that was available, and I'm chatty, so I mentioned it's formerly an HP fanfic. This was exacerbated because one of the guys was familiar with fandom and thought it would be hilarious to put the names back in the piece they were going to perform from my fic... and since he liked it, I was like, 'ok why not'. I mean, since I made them read my 60 page NC-17 fic (which they didn't finish), I didn't want to be too finicky/embarrassed. Even though I still am both finicky and embarrassed. >_____>;;

    ohhh man. H/D with banana!penises hanging out. no joke. )


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