Apr. 14th, 2011

So I'm writing this humorous forced-marriage/babies Draco/Hermione fic for help_japan (off and on, anyway). And since my Draco is always gay (or bi) in some way, this Draco is too. Sort of on a whim, I googled 'bisexual married men' or something like that, and now I'm sick to my stomach and don't know if I want to continue. And it's not like I was that motivated to write it, except my sponsor paid $5 and I'm very grateful and happy she chose me. So I have to. But. UGH. I mean, Draco being 'gay' makes it funnier and crackier (and easier for me to write), but maybe I just shouldn't touch it.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a very open/forgiving/accepting person, with next to no 'moral' hang-ups. That is to say, it's rare for me to get self-righteous in terms of things people 'should' do or are 'allowed'. In fact, the whole mind-set pisses me off. There are just a few things out there that I cannot live with, but me being me, I REALLY cannot live with those things. Adultery is, well, one of those things. Especially adultery people excuse or pawn off as reasonable/inevitable, or when people who do it act like victims and rationalize it, etc.

gah. -.- )


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