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Oh man. Normally I don't read the NYTimes for slash, but here it is: an article on a book about boys' friendships. It's got quotes like, "for boys, the perception of a betrayal by a buddy is absolute because they feel 'their intense vulnerability' has been exposed. 'And they have no way to talk about it, to work it through. For boys, that's terrifying.'" Oh man. Dr. Way, the psychologist, watches "her son's friendships with pride and poignancy" because she's so "aware that this will go away. He's aware of the expectation that eventually, a boy has to choose between a boy friend and a girlfriend." Alas! The drama! The angst! THE HOMOEROTICISM.

Granted, I feel bad; I mean, this sense that there's something 'off' about being close as a guy to another guy is why there's frequently homophobia amongst macho-type male teenagers. So I don't want to like, contribute to what's a serious problem, etc etc. But I'm human. Ok, more like, I'm a fangirl, I can't help it. I definitely feel like a pervert, but ummm, when you have her say this: "They are overtly saying, 'I want him, I need him, I miss him — no homo!' And then they grow up and become depressed"... basically there's only so much I can do not to scream HAVE SEX ALREADY!!! even though... I know that's wrong... woe. D: I know the 'solution' is not sex but acceptance of platonic relationships and stuff. I KNOW. It's just. Ahhhhh. D:

Also, I was actually reading some posts by RL-bisexual guys online, who were saying they have difficulty coming out 'cause girls distrust them or assume they're just closeted, whereas they don't get that they're really only in love with and want serious relationships with women, and the men are 'just for sex', and it's like, I have seriously mixed feelings. D: It's like, my honest feeling was, '...I just want to go back to yaoi, 'cause these guys are NOT SLASHY OMG' haha. *headdesk* Maybe it's related, though, the reason straight guys pull back from their male buddies and why these bi guys can't seem to fall in love with guys-- LET'S BLAME SOCIETY. The lack of slash is YOUR FAULT, society. Yes. D:
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