Mar. 16th, 2011

This whole 'needing to work after the quarter is over' thing is NOT working out for me. Instead of finishing the measly rest of my poetics classwork, I'm fantasizing about my bio/lit/art class this fall(!) hahah. My professor's name is Morisato and he has no pic attached, and when I google him, I only get 'Evergreen' stickers and Keiichi Morisato from Oh! My Goddess!:


This is especially fitting: regressing to HS-level behavior, where it's too advanced to crush on actual teachers, now I crush on imaginary teachers I'll never have, haha. I refer to my very short-lived crush on my poor math professor, who looked like Sarek (Spock's father). Technically, this was cheating on Spock, of course, but Sarek was, y'know, there, and Spock had his heterosexual life partner to worry about..... of course, Sarek was married, but y'know, I was secretly Amanda's great-great-great-grandma and spirit-double so it was ok. Somehow.

I think it's hilarious when I get professors calling me diligent when I'm like, the least serious and diligent person ever. I think. I just have to try very hard or I won't try at all, and goof off fantasizing about an anime I've barely even watched, y'know. Maybe it's ok to have stupid reasons, though, who knows-- as long as you try to get things done (at some point). It's really the poetics professor's fault-- he barely gave any deadline at all. It's very non-motivational. It's really hilarious I'm doing Independent Study this spring. Who will kick my ass now, I ask you??? But yeah, I think it's important to be diligent so as not to waste 100% of one's time. That is my current belief. It's hard to communicate that effectively to my fellow college-age slackers: it's not that it matters, it's that wasting time will eat your life unless you sit on it (yourself). Or is that just me? It's just me, isn't it. I can totally see myself trying to climb mountains and run marathons one day (almost), just because otherwise I'd vegetate. If I'm not ambitious, I'm a potato. I'm less than a potato. I'm the seed that was too lazy to sprout a potato.

So from wanting to laze around Spring Break and catch up on my fantasy reading and maybe the latest issues of Unwritten and 7 seeds, I now want to read the Iliad and the Aeneid (too), and maybe start on this (huge...) math/philosophy magnum opus called Godel, Escher, Bach... take a few walks... start swimming... clean my room... get up off the bed..... *groan*


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